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When we are asked to undertake an assigment, we aim to meet as many relevant people in the organisation as possible. It is most important to understand our client's business, it's culture and the people with whom the successful candidate will work. We can often play an important  part in helping to structure the job to optimise our client's objectives. At this stage we advise on the salary and benefits package likely to be necessary to attract the right person, and the state of the market.


Within an agreed time, we present an initial shortlist of the best candidates for the role. Exceptional candidates will be presented earlier as we find them. We do not stop searching after the initial shortlist but will keep presenting candidates until our client finds the right person. All candidates are presented with a detailed profile describing their personal and professional background, their strengths and weeknesses for the job in question and our assessment of their potential. Notes of sources and referees comments may also be provided.


We manage the interview process, confirming all appointments with both parties. We ensure clarity of information throughout the negotiation process and manage both parties exepectations to ensure that, when an offer is made, it is accepted.

We regard it as part of our job to help negotiate a successful deal.


We believe that the most important predictor of success in the future roles is success in the previous ones. We therefore spend as much time talking to other people about successful candidates as to the candidates themselves. The resulting detailed reference report not only confirms that the right person has been hired, but also indicates how best to manage and motivate the individual. We check all relevant academic and professional qualifications and probe Curriculum Vitae in detail, closing any chronological gaps.
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