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At J & G Search and Selection we believe that each vacancy will demand different procedures from your recruitment consultant.
This means that we will tailor the solution for each of your vacancies.
What does this mean to you? You won't receive an 'off the shelf' recruitment solution. We will discuss and recommend the appropriate process to provide you with the best outcome possible.
The assignment structure that we tailor for you will fall into one of the following groups:
RETAINED SEARCH, The benefits of a retained search are primarily based around commitment. As the client pay a portion of the fee at the start of the assignment all our costs as recruiters are covered.We are then able to fully dedicate ourselves to sourcing and selecting the best available candidates without distraction.
EXCLUSIVE ASSIGNMENT, You as a client brief us and agree to a fixed term where you will only accept candidates referred by us. This again enables us to focus on only your assignment. This however, doesn't include the thorough reporting and research included in the retained assignment.
CONTINGENT ASSIGNMENT, This is where a client will brief several recruiters and the first to produce the candidate will achieve the fee. We believe that often this will produce the worst outcome for both client and candidate yet paradoxically is the norm in todays market.
We would value the opportunity to discuss the best solution to your recruitment needs. We are sure that you will be impressed by the service and the outcome.
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